Engineering solutions
 from a shore to a seabed

across the waterfronts.


Guntis Zilberts, SIA Imogen
Complex underwater and waterfront engineering solutions
Guntis Zilberts, SIA Imogen
Preconstruction planning
Guntis Zilberts, SIA Imogen
Value added solutions in arising social
issues during project development
Guntis Zilberts, SIA Imogen
Multifaceted expertise and assessment of infrastructure and construction projects
Guntis Zilberts, SIA Imogen, engineering
Diverse industrial waterfronts




  • 25 years of expertise across waterfronts.

  • Integrated approach – integrated solutions.

  • Massive experience of reforming the post-Soviet infrastructure to concur with international standards in Baltic region: hydro-electric plants, high pressure pipelines, port and marina structures, cleaning dangerous chemical waste and post-war explosives, wreck-lifting.

  • The team who has built from the scratch
    to sustainable output.

  • Modern team leadership and project management skills.

  • Surveys, pilot plant testing, due diligence
    assessments and feasibility studies

  • Preparation of tender documents, assisting
    clients with tendering and contract negotiations .

  • Kick-off assistance, operation and maintenance services, and institutional strengthening and training.

  • Research work, mapping of the waterfront
    and underwater terrain, geodesy.

  • Transparency in business operations
  • Professional excellence
    through personal
    development and learning
  • Commitment to quality
  • Creativity
  • Culture of trust
  • Aspirational entrepreneurship


  • The waterfront infrastructure development and supervision of the development of industrial harbors, river harbors, yacht bays, marinas.

  • The environmental sustainability and environmental impact assessment.

  • Flood risk evaluation. Flood prevention and construction of flood confinement structures: dams, floodgates and reserve channels.

  • The construction of the underwater communications: high pressure pipelines, cables, water intake and output constructions



  • Download the attached presentation to learn more about the project.

  • Project Bivalvia is a startup focusing on growing and processing mussels in the Adriatic sea.

  • 70 % more protein will be needed by 2050.

  • The goal of project Bivalvia is to address the growing demand with ethically produced marine protein from filter-feeding organisms – mussels.


Guntis Zilberts

For already thirty years Guntis Zilberts has been
immersed in water affairs.
Quite literally so, as his professional career started from the bottom up, in the navy as a military diver.


Since that time he has tho-roughly studied all aspects
of underwater works and development of deltas, coasts and rivers, energy, water and built environment.

He is registered and certified hydrotechnical engineer,
he also holds internationally recognized expert member-ships and has received the decoration for reinstitution
of the rescue service function within structure of State Fire-fighting and Rescue service.

The multidisciplinary skillset allows Guntis Zilberts to promote innovative ideas
and ensure their implemen-tation with the highest regard to the quality.

Mr. Zilberts mentors the
professional associations
and consults legislative developments in his field.


Guntis Zilberts participates
in community activities by promoting safe waterfront development and active lifestyle.




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