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Salacgriva, Latvia

Through 2017 and continued in 2018 in a fishermen town Salacgrīva on the coast of the Baltic Sea we were part of ambitious fishermen port reconstruction project. It is a 150 metres of a pier, built in 1949. The pier is a massive construction put directly on the ground without anchoring.

Our task was to put in a new metallic Z-profile sheet piling and to build anew all communication and purification systems.

The old construction was partly covered with large boulders and some structural strengthening was attempted with old metallic framing. It was first full scale renovation effort since the construction of the pier. 

The challenge in this project was removing layers of old and non-functional material, so we started with quite complicated underwater cleaning works. Also the fishermen port continued its operations and the project had to be run in sync with the daily routine of the port.

We hope that this fishermen pier reconstruction project will be first of many new initiatives of Salacgrīva port, contributing to town's vibrant community and environment.

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