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Riga HPS, Latvia

The Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant was put into operation in 1974. Since 2007 the body of the dam  -outstretched 11 kilometres of an embankment and concrete protection plates was gradually renovated. There were several stages of the renovation works out of which 57 000 sq/m are done by us.

Our task was to fortify the old concrete plates either by renovating the whole plate, or torcreting (torcret technology) the plates in satisfactory condition. We had to build technical roads for access to the object and to relieve the body of the dam from heavy transport traffic.  

Our challenge was the timing of the project because hydroelectric plant could lower the water level in the basin for a month and half at a time. Also, this object has limited access clearance, which meant that every person involved, every single vehicle needed to be cleared beforehand. So we had to preplan massively. 

Our solution was splitting the urgent tasks in separate work packages and co-working on site between vendors. We paid extra brief our controllers and stuck to their schedule so they were always just in time to confirm the finished work package and paperwork went swiftly.

The project was completed before the deadline with outstanding results.

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