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Bauska city, Mūsa and Mēmele rivers

Reinforcement and renovation of one of the most beautiful waterfronts of city Riga, the Ķīpsala – spectacular, old fishermen settlement now reinvented into a modern suburb. We completed the task by using sustainable natural materials: the waterfront was cleaned, straightened, old pier structures were removed.

Fresh wooden piles were attached to the enforcement structure and the body of the embankment was covered with large, decorative boulders. 

Challenging factors were the length of the wooden piles (6m)
and the unpredictable ground conditions. There were places
so resistant or soiled, we had to slowly and carefully wash in
the wooden piles one by one to the necessary depth.
Our solution was persistence.

  • Overall 1,5 km of waterfront done in total 14 months.

  • Supervised by "IMOGEN" in 2013-2014.

One of our tasks in 2014 was to replace old gas pipeline with the brand new and shiny one over two scenic rivers Mūsa and Mēmele, near the historic Bauska town.
One project, single pipeline, two rivers, 16 kilometers in in-between two segments. In each river we had to change 120 meters of the pipe. The pipe parameters: 700 mm diameter, pressure 16 Bar. We faced plenty of challanges. The rivers in this area have a complicated geology and unpredictable currents, they are hard to access and have swampy embankments. 


Our solutions were: preparing an access to embankments in four locations, digging pipe parts inthe ground and thenfloating the underwater pipeline to the ground parts. To slow the current we built temporary dams in both rivers and lowered the pipe fragmentsto match the ground ends.

When matched, sealed, welded and X-ray checked, underwater pipes were immersed and fixed on the riverbed by weights. All of the works had to be completed and dams were to be removed before fish spawning time. The project was completed in 10 weeks.


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